Fatherhood Anvil: who's getting shaped, you or your kid?

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What fatherhood is like at two and a half years

I’ve been a dad now for 2.5 years and it seems my son has just started to hit his stride.

In this video I talk a bit about what that looks like and how it effects me as the dad. I also introduce you to my son for the first time for a very important message.

So, gentlemen, what say you? How are things? How long have you been a dad and what is it like right now, right this instant in your life?

Rickshaw Skinny Laptop & Backpack Bag Reviews

Ok, I don’t know if I’ve told you this yet, but I love this company. Rickshaw Bags is making some of the best bags around. They also support Father Apprentice by giving our readers a discount. More on that later.

In the video below I show off two new Rickshaw bags — the Skinny Laptop Bag and the Skinny Laptop Backpack. Both are well designed and well made. continue »

Kids Don’t Understand Plans

At any given moment there’s a parent somewhere in the world mumbling expletives under his breath because his kid won’t fall asleep.

Two weeks ago I was that parent.

It wasn’t my first time being woken up, and staying up, with my son, but this particular time was more frustrating because my wife and I were on a trip for our five-year anniversary. To make things even worse was that we were staying in an old bed and breakfast, complete with squeaky floors and echoing rooms that probably weren’t approved by the National Baby Screaming Society. So not only were we not getting any sleep, I’m pretty sure the people across the hall from us weren’t getting any sleep either.

Up until that point here’s how our day had been going: continue »

Hello FA men, and welcome to the new FatherApprentice.com!

How do you like it?

I’m glad you’re here and wanted to tell you a little about that huge anvil on the homepage. So I fired up the video camera, poured myself a hot toddy and recorded you a little message.

Check it out: continue »

I’ve been going through some of the videos we’ve done here and I found these two buried in a boring post. But they’re really good. So I wanted to share them with you in case you didn’t see them before.

In these videos I answer the questions:

  • Why does Apprentice Exist?
  • Does being a dad matter?
  • Can you make a song as a pneumonic device to help me spell “Father Apprentice?”

A Special Song Too!

Fatherly love baseball analogy

I don’t remember where I found this originally, but I just found it again cleaning up my computer. Legend.