A Little "Pump You Up" Jam

Being a dad isn’t always easy. You know that. If you don’t, this blog isn’t for you. Sometimes fatherhood is our army, our navy, our cross to bear, our life, our uphill both ways in snow, our sacrifice for the sake of something better.

What’s so hard about it? Being selfless. Putting your kid first. Putting your life on hold for your child when you need to, ‘cuz you have to. That’s not easy, unless you’re rich – and even then I’ll bet you’d suck at it.

But I came across this track, and it kinda fired me up. continue »

Dads Suck At Being Moms

The last few days have been tough — sick kid, got better, then got sick again… It’s been a long time since he’s had a normal night of sleep, which means it’s been a long time since he’s been enjoyable.

This weekend it got even worse, and I discovered something about myself as a dad. I was at the company xmas party when I get the text from my wife (she went home early. #cigars): “He hasn’t stopped crying, I need you home now.” Well, sh!t. continue »

The Most Popular Fatherhood Links

If you’re an internet guy at all you’ve probably used delicious.com, the social bookmarking site loved by millions.

Well, it looks like Delicious is going to be shutdown by the site owners Yahoo for various reasons.

In honor of Delicious, which i love adore, I thought I’d use some tech wizardry to make a list of the most popular bookmarks on fatherhood. Away you go! continue »

The Ultimate Sleeper Put-Down Move

As a new parent, the only faint wisps of accomplishment and productivity you get is when your little one is passed out in some other room with 14 fans on and your car backed up against the window idling and gently vibrating that side of the house so he/she/it will sleep as long as infantly possible.

There is no time more special to a new parent than the time the baby is sleeping.

And one of the most g’dam frustrating things in the f’n life of a new parent is when you can’t put your child down to sleep because they keep friggen waking up. continue »

Dadly Christmas Wish List

Dads, we all have big roles to play in life. And one of the biggest is the Christmas morning wrapping paper cleanup job. Just wanted to remind you about that.

I also wanted to ask you about what you’re hoping to unwrap this Christmas: what are you guys asking for!?

Here’s a few things off my list. Please share some of yours in the comments! continue »

Sucks At First, But Glad I Did It

Recently I watched my 2 year old for an extended period of time, all by myself… no wife, no grandma, just me.

When my wife told me she’d be taking off for several days and I’d be on my own I was pretty bummed. I mean, my son is great, but he’s not always so great, right? You know what that’s like.

But I learned something over the course of the past several days… See the vid for more. continue »