September 2010

The Best Books On Fatherhood

Below is a list of the best books to prepare us and/or help us become good fathers.

Do you know of one that’s not on this list? Plz add it in your comments! continue »

Good Enough Is Good. Enough.

I’ve been a father for four years. I have a four year old son and a two year old daughter. Everyone I know that has children has told me, “this age… it’s the hardest time.” I’m still in it so all I know is it’s hard now. Hardest on patience, on time, sleep and most of all on the marriage. And this is where I begin.

Two weeks ago, as of this writing, my divorce was made final. My wife of seven years decided she could no longer do it. Without getting into the details of our breakdown, I’ll just say there wasn’t anything serious or damaging – no infidelity, no abuse, no drug addiction… nothing that dramatic.

Our relationship was just broken. continue »

Hack An Old Fashioned

I had my friend Dave Groom over to the house for a little conversation about his brand new daughter (congrats Dave!). Before we got started, we got “started”… And in this case the kick-start called for a couple of old fashions.

Sometimes daddy needs some downtime, a break from the bustle of play time and saving breakables. An old fashioned provides one with that particularly stylish and respectable brand of respite where one is most appropriately referred to simply as “Papa.” continue »

Get To Know Your Kid #Remember

I was relaxing on the couch… Aiden was cruising about the family room, doing his thing… and then I looked at him, and I don’t know if it was the lighting or what, but in that moment I was struck with the sensation that this was a whole, entire person – with feelings and hopes and ideas, etc. And the question exploded from within me:

Do I even know this kid? continue »

Pro Tip: Get Curious

A few weeks back I was golfing with a friend of mine. We got teamed up with another two-some, a father/son combo. The kid was about 15, and it took about 2 minutes to realize exactly where these two were in their relationship.

The kid was exactly like any other 15 year old you’ve met: he’d rather be somewhere else with his friends. He made this known in just about every response he had for his dad… which was usually, “I don’t know,” or some other mumbled indifference. continue »

Meet An Apprentice: Chase

I’m Chase Reeves, the guy who started FatherApprentice originally, and one of the main contributors. I figure you’ll be seeing a lot of me on here, so I should give you a little background/understanding about me so you can trust my trusty trustworthiness! So here’s a lil’ interview with yours truly. continue »