October 2010

3 Months As A Dad

In this video I talk to Chasen Armour about what his life is like at 3 months of dadness.

He’s got some great insight and tips in this short vid. continue »

All You Need To Be A Dad

There’s a lot to worry about when it comes to being a dad. A lot of tips and pointers and new things to learn, etc. But there’s only one necessary thing, one thing that you *have* to do… one thing that, if you do it, you’ll be alright… continue »

It’s A Celebration: 1 Month Anniversary

We’ve officially been live for a month!

So I put together this little vid to say thanks. Thanks for being a part of this community.

Thanks for commenting. Thanks for emailing. Thanks for taking your fatherhood as serious as you need to but also being able to laugh at yourself.

Watch the vid. You like, i promise. continue »

What It’s Like Being A Dad

I went to a concert last night. The Weepies. When they played this song I nearly lost it, I nearly spread a puddled mess of sobs and snot right there in the middle of the show. It would have been a safety hazard.

Hearing a song like this, about a father and his young kid, does something to me now. It sets the whole world on my chest, all the beauty and unfairness and potential and hope and life out there spinning around, it sets it all on my chest. It’s heavy. It’s heartache. continue »

Me vs "That Dad"

I never thought I would hate weekends. I never thought I would like being at work more than being at home and I certainly thought I would love my family a lot more than I did.

That’s the brutal truth of how I felt as a new father. When Jenn was prego, I was told I would just have this innate abundance of love for my brand new kid and even more so because they were twins. Boy and girl, how perfect. But when it happened, I realized I was a monster. I felt like a monster because I wasn’t “that dad.” You know what I mean, “that dad.” continue »

Poof Daddy – How Dads Roll

This. Is. Hilarious. I. Can’t. Say. Any. More. About. It. Wholly Shet! I had no idea how f*k’n awesome we actually are!

“This is the dad life, no more to be said.”

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