November 2010

Baby’s First Grumpy Rumbler

Like any man being thrown into the unknown world of madness that is parenthood, I received tons of advice from others:

  • “Always hold baby’s head.”
  • “Make sure you stay the husband you were before the baby came.”
  • “Keep the baby so warm that he is constantly sweating.”
  • “No sex for at least 6 weeks.” continue »
Killer Winter Giveaway: Fuzzy Robot!

By Nick Maestas.

My wife Jenny and I pride ourselves in the way we dress our son, Jack. With a winter baby we had tons of trouble finding cool boy clothing, so Jenny flexed her serious knitting skillz and created some killer infant warm stuff: hats, gloves, even a hoodie… they looked awesome! We knew we needed to share the wealth with other families…

FYI: This contest is officially over! We have Two winners… One for the Boyz and one for the Girls. See the bottom of this post for more info.

My wife has been knitting for years. She loves it the way I love cold beer, good steak, and Husker football. Since I can’t find a way to make money drinking beer and eating steak (yet), we gotta go with her skillz to bring in the bread… continue »

An Honest List Of Thanks

It’s thanksgiving… our first with Aiden as a dood — before he was just a bean, now he’s a dood. (And a dud often enough! yuck yuck!) And after all the learning and trauma that comes with an infant, our family life has settled into a rhythm now — enough of a rhythm to take some internal inventory about my life… might as well do it out loud… in front of a million people… on the internet. :) continue »

Dave’s Labor Advice And Sundries

A while back my buddy Dave Groom helped me learn how to make an old fashioned cocktail. Well, he’s back and today he tells us about his labor story.

In this video we get into:

  • What were you most afraid of going into labor?
  • What was labor actually like for you?
  • What advice do you have for expectant fathers worried about labor?
  • What’s the longest sh!t Chase has ever shat? continue »
Photo Shoot Ideas For Dads

One of the things I’ve heard lots of experienced dads say is, “take lots of pictures!” I think all of us dads want to take great pictures of our kids.

I recently stumbled across some killer and inspiring dad/kid pictures that I think will help us all think a little more creatively about snapping photos. continue »

Fathers, Freedom & War

We all make sacrifices in life – some of us make big sacrifices, some of us just make small ones, but no matter what, this life is going to cost us all something.

Here’s to hoping that it’s all worth it – that one day we get to experience something of what this dad experiences: continue »