A Little "Pump You Up" Jam

December 27, 2010 in Daddy Downtime  

A Little "Pump You Up" Jam

Being a dad isn’t always easy. You know that. If you don’t, this blog isn’t for you. Sometimes fatherhood is our army, our navy, our cross to bear, our life, our uphill both ways in snow, our sacrifice for the sake of something better.

What’s so hard about it? Being selfless. Putting your kid first. Putting your life on hold for your child when you need to, ‘cuz you have to. That’s not easy, unless you’re rich – and even then I’ll bet you’d suck at it.

But I came across this track, and it kinda fired me up. The video is sort of skitzo, sorta Picaso – fragmented, crazy, a little hard to understand. So are the words. But the whole thing comes together in a bad-ass “pump you up” vibe. It’s a song called We, Myself & I by a guy called Shad.

Hope it fires you up, helps you get hold of the levity, the importance, of being dad. Go get em’ tiger!

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Dewayne February 4, 2011 at 9:33 am

I have heard of Shad, but I’ve not heard any of his stuff. Thanks for posting this, and thanks for the post. This does indeed “pump you up,” doesn’t it?


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