Killer Winter Giveaway: Fuzzy Robot!

November 29, 2010 in Stuff for Dads  

Killer Winter Giveaway: Fuzzy Robot!

By Nick Maestas.

My wife Jenny and I pride ourselves in the way we dress our son, Jack. With a winter baby we had tons of trouble finding cool boy clothing, so Jenny flexed her serious knitting skillz and created some killer infant warm stuff: hats, gloves, even a hoodie… they looked awesome! We knew we needed to share the wealth with other families…

FYI: This contest is officially over! We have Two winners… One for the Boyz and one for the Girls. See the bottom of this post for more info.

My wife has been knitting for years. She loves it the way I love cold beer, good steak, and Husker football. Since I can’t find a way to make money drinking beer and eating steak (yet), we gotta go with her skillz to bring in the bread…

Thus, The Fuzzy Robot was born: killer, hand-made winter gear for your little doods and girls!

Each hat is hand knit with high quality yarn, and our awesome robot is needle-felted into each hat. Bottom line: they’re mutha’ lovin’ warm, hand-made, and your son or daughter will own the playground with em’!

We love making this stuff. Your kids will love wearing it. And we can custom make you some stuff if you want to customize something — just drop us a line, tweet, poke us on facebook, email, post, whatever and we can make it happen!

Fuzzy Robot is about more than hats and clothes. We have decided to sponsor a beautiful 2 year old Dominican girl named Onaily through WorldVision, and a portion of each sale goes to supporting her! So not only are you providing cool clothes for your kiddos, you’re also providing food, medicine and clean water to a beautiful little girl in need.

Learn More: You can see our creations at Feel free to follow us on the Twitters @thefuzzyrobot.

Killer Deals For Father Apprentice Folks: Use the coupon code thefatherapprentice and get 10% off your entire purchase order!! OMG! Rock out this winter with The Fuzzy Robot!



I used the twitter tool Tweetaways to randomly select the winners from the two contests (boys prizes/girls prizes), and here’s who was selected:

For the boys: @ionictonic

For the girls: @adambam

Congratulations you two!! Please email me your addresses at chase (at) and I’ll ship the killer Fuzzy Robot gear your way!!

And thanks again to the awesome folks at Fuzzy Robot for giving us this cool stuff to give away! If you haven’t yet, check out Nick’s post on the first baby poo.

Finished: Fuzzy Robot Giveaway

We’ve got two hat/glove combinations to give away! One set for a boy, one set for a girl. And we’re going to give them away to two lucky dads… and we encourage those winning dads to share the fuzzies with your kids, but you don’t have to :)

If you win, we’ll ship the hat and glove set to your door in time for christmas!

How To Win The Contest:

All you have to do is tweet one of the following tweets, one if you want the boy hat/glove combo, the other if you want the girl hat/glove combo.

If You Have A Boy: Tweet This To Enter

Just entered to win killer @thefuzzyrobot stuff from @fatherapprentic #FAFuzzyBoy

If You Have A Girl: Tweet This To Enter

Just entered to win killer @thefuzzyrobot stuff from @fatherapprentic #FAFuzzygirl

That’s it! Then you’ll make sure you want to follow us to hear about the winner! We’ll receive submissions until Wednesday at 11:59pm. Your tweet will only be counted once, so there’s no need to keep tweeting this over and over… it won’t help your chances to win.

So enter to win right now just by tweeting that and We’ll announce the winners on Thursday. Have fun! Wooot!

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Seattledad (Luke, I am Your Father) November 29, 2010 at 12:41 pm

Very cool. Am off to tweet this now. Lukas Digs Robots.


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