February 2011

Excellent Movie – The Kids Are All Right

My wife and I just watched this movie The Kids Are All Right and we loved it. It brings up big questions about what it means to be a parent, a dad, a family…

“He’s not a father… He’s a sperm donor!”

The whole thing feels completely fresh… the story, the dialogue, the acting, everything. continue »

Honesty & Intimacy – Win This

Courtney Stubbert is no stranger to the blog. He’s been on several videos (see below for a list of those) and he’s written one of the most popular posts about being good enough as a dad.

In “Good Enough” Courtney chronicles talks a little about his recent divorce… In this video we talk some more about that. One of the elements that came up is this “honesty” concept, and how it’s vital, and how to make our relationships safe for honesty. continue »

Chase Interviewed About Fatherhood

Our fearless leader (Chase) was interviewed over at Dad of Divas and I think you may enjoy the read. There are some great nuggets of wisdom like:

  • Wives ruin everything with reality TV
  • What it’s like to have a 19 month old son
  • The biggest challenge so far with fatherhood
  • 4 tips for new dads continue »
Run A Marriage Resentment Check

A month or two after becoming parents, after the fog of the early days and weeks had cleared, my wife and I began to settle into new patterns, and new divisions of labor.

One evening, while our son slept, we sat down to dinner.  I said something. I can’t even remember what it was.  Though whatever it was wasn’t very important.  She caught a certain edge in my tone. continue »

3 Intro Tips For Better Photos of Kids

[This is a guest post from David Bier. You can find out more about David below]

In this post I’ll teach you three tips to improve how you take pictures of your kids. To introduce myself, I’m a children’s photographer and a dad – my son, Isaac, is two and a half, so I learned this advice in the school of hard knocks. (And grabbing hands, tantrums, and snotty noses!) continue »

Croup – Symptoms, Treatment, Story

Have you ever heard of croup? It’s a horrible little sickness that’s, apparently, pretty damn common in kids 1-5 years old. And it’s horrible.

In the video below I tell you a little about our experience with croup (which is horrible), symptoms, what the doctor said, and some treatment ideas including the story of my son humping… everything… humping everything (one of the common treatments of croup is a steroid that makes kids hump… everything). continue »