March 2011

Toddlers: More Fun Than Infants

It’s true, revealed here, for the first time, in the following video is all the scientifically proofy proof from a reported on report by a team of scientists that have proven with all the proofiness they could muster that toddlers really are more fun for dads than infants are. continue »

The Dad Consequence, or Meat Turrets For A Better Tomorrow

[This was written about a year ago about my then 1 year old son]

He’s looking up at me… Holy shit, man. Here’s this little boy, this son of mine, pulling himself up on a pile of dishes in the kitchen to show me how he can stand. And it really seems like he’s looking up at me with a “hey dad, are you looking at this” kind of look. continue »

Rickshaw iPad Bag Review

You may remember our previous Rickshaw Commuter Bag Review… well here’s a brand new bag from the same company, and this one’s made just for the iPad. Be sure to checkout the Rickshaw bag reviews and coupon code page and support the site by using one of the coupon codes when you buy one of these killer bags!

I know a lot of you dads are sporting iPads, and I’ve got half a mind to try it out as a “toy” for my son (and for dad), so I thought this bag might be something cool. This iPad bag is great for toting about your handful of necessities. Watch the vid for more info. continue »

Camera Tips For Better Kids Photos

[This is a guest post from David Bier. You can find out more about David below]

Welcome back for more tips on how to take better pictures of your kids. Last time we talked about 3 tips for better photos of kids. continue »

My Kid’s Favorite Toys

Have you ever bought the perfect toy for your kid, and then, when you bring it home, your kid just runs straight past the new toy to play with some misshapen old stuffed animal or squished grape peel?

When it comes to toys, you never know what your kid is actually going to play with. So I thought I’d show you some of my kid’s favorite toys, the ones he actually plays with. Maybe you can show us what toys your kids actually play with. Comment or email or put up your own blog post and we can see what actually works for our lil’ turkeys! continue »

Catching Up or Tea and Headphones

Odelay! It’s been a little while since I’ve popped in on video so I thought I’d do a little catch up and let you know what I’m up to, how i’m rollin’, etc.

In this vid I’ll tell you a little about my tea malarkey as well as a great little tip I’ve picked up from a geek hero of mine about coming home from work and giving your kids the ol’ everything. continue »