April 2011

Read This Article: Cranking

Earlier this week I told you about an article you should read on enjoying your kid more. Well, I want to tell you about another article you should read.

This one’s by a guy I really admire. He’s got a weird name – Merlin Mann – but don’t let it ruin anything for you.

(Maybe you’re a big fantasy guy and the idea of reading something by a “Merlin” fires you up. That’s the spirit!) continue »

Spend Enough Time Enjoying Your Kid

I was turned on to this interesting article at Freakonomics.com and it’s definitely worthy of being passed on to you.

I’m not a researcher guy, I don’t do well with stats (or facts) – they make me uncomfortable. This article is short and sweet and doesn’t bore you with “proof.” continue »

… Taught Me Everything I know

This is a beautiful and simple video/song that kind of pinged me down in my meaning sensor region.

It’s the song Tatooine from Jeremy Messersmith. His thin voice and loosely bound instruments kind of make you lean in and listen. continue »

The Missing Piece In My Childhood

I don’t care who you are,

unless you were in this video,

unless you had this experience,

your development – your emotional capacity and physical stature –

is stunted. Period. continue »

The Manliest Candle of All Time

I tried for so long to keep this to myself, but it’s just too amazing! How have we not already thought this one up!?

Below is a picture of the manliest candle in the whole world: A candle so manly that you won’t feel even the slightest bit feminine whilst creating this masterpiece. continue »

Toddler Tantrums And Tiny Thoughts

Recently Aiden (my two year old son) has been tantruming like a testy troll. He’s always had some rough moments, but this is different, this is more intense and crazy. And it’s been rough for daddy.

Well, my wife recently had an insight about Aiden’s turd-burglaring… Find out more in the vid. continue »