May 2011

An Awesome Dad Note

I previously showed you a dad-devotional with the one-handing the foul video. That’s something to aim for.

And here’s another one: a note that a dad wrote his daughter before he left for the day. It’s pure class (click for full size): continue »

Photo Tips: Exposure & Scenes

Welcome back for more tips on how to take better pictures of your kids. I think the bush has been well and truly beaten at this stage, and you’re probably raring to get started on actually taking some photos. Rubber, meet road.

Exposure 101

Taking a picture is all about capturing light on a sensor continue »

Good Parenting: The Darkside

This little girl was faced with a choice: join the Jedi Knights, or go over to the Dark Side.

What would your kid do? continue »

Practicing Availability:

I almost never get embarrassed. I’ll put my foot in my mouth and move on before you can point fingers at something dumb I’ve done or said. It’s just something I’m used to.

However, recently I felt very embarrassed, and it struck me.

I was in my old hometown in the bay area California, getting some drinks with my brother. As drinking nights with brothers tend to go, we got nice and saturated, ready to get into the deepest and most important parts of life. We started talking about him being a new uncle, me being a new dad, the brevity and mystery of life, good friends, etc. And then he kind of dropped a bomb on me. continue »

Dad Devotional: One-Handing the Foul

Here it is, lads: the picture of awesome fatherness. Super dad: he does indeed exist. (Does that mean I can take a break now?) What more can be said? Let this be your daily remembrance of what we’re reaching for. :) continue »

Tummy Time Tip: Bare Belly It!

Dads with infants, it’s likely you already know about tummy time. However, you may not know this awesome tip that’s sure to make your baby love you more than mom (regardless of breast size).

What’s tummy time? Tummy time is when you allow your infant spend time on their stomach, whether it’s on the floor, in the crib, on mom or dad’s belly, or anywhere else. continue »