August 2011

This is a great video — well made, funny at parts, and even a little matterful.

I resonate with it. Several years back I found a poem/song thing my dad had written when he was dating my mom. It was so weird to think of him as a person, something other than a “dad.”

I’ve been working hard, writing and editing and putting together a small book to help new dads make the most of fatherhood; the kind of thing that I would love to give to any new dad, and they could read it on the sh!tter. It’s going to be funny, and it will also be matterful. You will like it.

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All dads are scared of failing as a dad, scared about being on the wrong side of an adolescent who has the right to resent us. And make no bones about it: we’re very capable of ruining our relationships, of acting selfishly for long enough to keep us from connecting in any real way with our kids. But all dads also, at one point or another, feel pangs of that deep love, those real, sincere shots of care and hope for our kids that make us feel like we may be able to do this dad thing well after all.

That’s a snippet from the upcoming book. I don’t think it’s making the final cut, but I thought it important enough to share.

Interview With A One-Year-Old

During the first couple years of parenting it can be damn near impossible to understand what our kids are thinking, feeling and dealing with. In this video a skilled dad draws out complex emotions and truths about the toddler’s everyday experience. Let me tell you how I feel about this one in a haiku: continue »

Fatherhood Tips From Darth Vader

It’s no secret: being a dad is hard. Even big-time evil leaders like Lord Vader have a hard time.

In this candid and heart-warming video we hear a little about what the dark “man” has learned during his time as a father.

“Despite my mistakes, both my kids turned out great.” continue »

A Couple Trucker Songs About Fatherhood

There’s a band called The Drive By Truckers that I like. They’re like home-grown Americana wisdom – cigarettes, fried steak and extra helpings of grease and scars and sorrow and a kind of wisdom.

Below are two of their songs that hit me on a gut-level about who I am and can be as a dad, followed by a video of the guys talking about how these tracks came about. continue »