October 2011

I’ve been going through some of the videos we’ve done here and I found these two buried in a boring post. But they’re really good. So I wanted to share them with you in case you didn’t see them before.

In these videos I answer the questions:

  • Why does Apprentice Exist?
  • Does being a dad matter?
  • Can you make a song as a pneumonic device to help me spell “Father Apprentice?”

A Special Song Too!

Fatherly love baseball analogy

I don’t remember where I found this originally, but I just found it again cleaning up my computer. Legend.

Past Sunday with my kid was all hangover meds1 and Pixar movies.

Everyone’s got an opinion on TV time and toddlers. Some are more informed than others. Some, like my wife’s, are more opinionee than others.

Whatever your thoughts on the rules of TV for kids, watching movies with my son has become one of my favorite parenting activities. He cuddles up into me, we throw un “Inkredeeyiols™” (The Incredibles) and watch and talk about the movie. continue »