A Couple Trucker Songs About Fatherhood

August 2, 2011 in Fatherhood Insights  

A Couple Trucker Songs About Fatherhood

There’s a band called The Drive By Truckers that I like. They’re like home-grown Americana wisdom – cigarettes, fried steak and extra helpings of grease and scars and sorrow and a kind of wisdom.

Below are two of their songs that hit me on a gut-level about who I am and can be as a dad, followed by a video of the guys talking about how these tracks came about.

Eyes Like Glue

They wrote this song called Eyes Like Glue about a young son watching his father. Get’s me every time. Here’s a video and the lyrics.

Eyes Like Glue Lyrics:

I see you watching me
Your eyes are just like glue
Stuck like glue to every
Foolish thing I say and do
But there's a safer distance
Still not out of touch
If Daddy's quiet it probably means
He's thinking way too much

Someday you'll be a man
You'll have a big old brain
You won't need it but
You'll try to use it just the same
But it's like any house lonely people roam around
Wasted empty space a maze
With only one way out

Nobody ever told me half the things
I'm telling you
Even if they had I'd have had 
The same look that you do
Sometimes you think it and
You just want to hear it said out loud
If no one else does then it's up to you
To shout it out

You'll want to do it all
And you'll believe you can
But when the best that you can do
Becomes all you can stand
You'll know you're just a man
When you feel all the weight press down
Next time you're watching me
Remember that's all I am now

Daddy Learned To Fly

Daddy's gone away and no one can tell me why
Mama's been so sad
Since Daddy learned to fly
Everybody brought food
And everybody cried
Nothing's been too good
Since Daddy learned to fly

Fun we used to have
And the way we used to laugh
It's all gone away since they cut my world in half
Sometimes I think I see him smile from the sky
But he never stops to visit since Daddy learned to fly

Everyone tries so hard
To ease my troubled mind
Guess he's doing better than the ones he left behind
They tell me I'm not old enough to know the reasons why
The clouds reached down from heaven,
Daddy learned to fly
Learned to fly

They tell me that in time everything will be okay
Life goes back to normal
Like before you flew away
They tell me you can see me 
So I'm trying not to cry
But sometimes I can't help it since Daddy learned to fly

Learned to fly
Learned to fly

Trucker’s Talk About These Songs

Here’s a video where the two main writers in the band talk about how both of these songs came about.

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David Richardson August 2, 2011 at 10:26 am

Love the Truckers…Outfit is another great song of theirs regarding a Dad’s advice to his soon-to-be rock star son.


Sven Legg-Grady August 5, 2011 at 11:10 am

Man…”Daddy Learned To Fly” is a tough listen.
The music makes cheering and clapping seem the right thing to do – but then the words make you wanna send condolences.


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