Croup – Symptoms, Treatment, Story

February 11, 2011 in Fatherhood Insights  

Croup – Symptoms, Treatment, Story

Have you ever heard of croup? It’s a horrible little sickness that’s, apparently, pretty damn common in kids 1-5 years old. And it’s horrible.

In the video below I tell you a little about our experience with croup (which is horrible), symptoms, what the doctor said, and some treatment ideas including the story of my son humping… everything… humping everything (one of the common treatments of croup is a steroid that makes kids hump… everything).

Here’s some more info on croup:

“Dude, like, the Vicks humidifier is, like, f’kn awesome! Saved our life! Be, like, ‘on point’ as a dad and have one of these things in your house… also, it’s loud so baby can’t hear mommy and daddy ‘working’.” — Croup Survivor

“Croup is breathing difficulty accompanied by a “barking” cough. Croup, which is swelling around the vocal cords, is common in infants and children and can have a variety of causes.” — Google Health

“Croup is usually (75 percent of the time) caused by parainfluenza viruses, but RSV, measles, adenovirus, and influenza can all cause croup.” — Google Health

“Croup usually can be managed with cool mist or steam therapy, which dissolves sticky or dried mucus in the child’s breathing passages and lubricates the throat and windpipe. Because the condition commonly worsens at night, many doctors recommend that you sleep in the same room with your child or use a baby-monitoring device to listen for any change in the child’s condition. Be ready to get medical help if your child doesn’t improve.” — WebMD

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David Bier February 11, 2011 at 7:28 am

Mate, you are too funny. I’ve heard about croup and it does sound horrific, and I hope Aiden’s feeling much better now, but you are too bloody funny. God it feels good to hear this stuff from a proper bloke in a sea of mums on the web.


Chase February 11, 2011 at 7:36 am

Wow, thank you sir! means a lot!

AdamBam February 13, 2011 at 1:12 pm

I know the demon of which you speak – called the ambulance when my one year old woke up BARELY breathing last year. Ironically my wife was out with the girls that night, as well… coincidence? Nope.


BeardedDad February 13, 2011 at 9:03 pm

Having vivid memories of this as a kid, as well as a teenager (scary!) I can say that this is a very nasty thing to go through. What worked for me as a kid, according to my mother (who brought up these stories much later in my life) was that she would wrap me up as tight as possible in blankets, throw me in the back of the car (in the middle of winter) with the windows down, and haul y’know what down the hallway. The cold air would do wonders and clear me right up, allowing me to get a good night sleep.

Another good trick, semi mentioned in this article is mist. Set your vaporizer up in your kids room, could very well help. But the trick my mother used on me all the time, was to sit in the bathroom with a completely hot showering running and let the steam work it’s wonders.

Hopefully these tips are helpful!


SpazDad June 3, 2011 at 7:40 am

Great video….made me laugh and I need it…I may not have it as bad as some online…count my blessings….but I dont handle my kids bein sick very well at all. Right now its 2:54 in the morning and my wife is in the ER with my boy Declan…2nd and a half time in a year….prednisalone …think thats spelled right…seems to work along with the mister thing in the ER….but the hot steam doesnt work for him at all. The driving in the cold air with them all wrapped up seems to help though. All 4 of my kids have had it but my boy is by far the worst and it brings me to a rage….so thanks for the laugh…needed it…not a big curser but I loved that song….very appropriate for the sitch…..still laughing


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