Mac App For Toddlers: OMG YES!

April 1, 2011 in Dad Tips, Stuff for Dads  

Mac App For Toddlers: OMG YES!

Ok, I’m still kind of shaking with delight about this one… This past weekend my just-about-two-year-old son was fuh-reeeeeking out and being quite the horrible-I-dont-want-to-hang-out-with-you kind of person.

Nothing new, really. He’s a toddler, tantrums is what he does. Regardless, though, I was so frustrated; I just wanted to find something he could do, something to keep him occupied.

He’s always trying to play with mom’s laptop (a beastly old-ish macbook (not pro, she’s definitely not a pro #toomanytabs)). So, in a moment of raw exhaustion (or pure brilliance) I searched for some toddler Mac Apps. What I found can only be called “OMFG OMFG LMAO YES!”


This app, AlphaBaby, is amazing! It takes over your whole computer so your toddler can just press things and move the mouse and has the power to f’k nothing up. And yet, the toddler is completely rapt with delight as the screen lights up with letters and stars and sound effects! I say again: your baby will be able to f’k _nothing up on your computer and yet will be having a great time._

Here’s what the developer says about the app:

“My kids love to play with the computer. Unfortunately, they also have the habit of renaming my hard drive to “axlfkaj”. So, I wrote AlphaBaby so they could safely use the Mac without inflicting too much damage! AlphaBaby lets even infants and toddlers have fun playing with the computer. Every time a key is pressed or the mouse is clicked, a letter or shape is drawn. Sounds can be played every time something is drawn. Your own sounds and pictures can also be used. AlphaBaby helps kids to learn letters, plus provides a safe environment for kids to have fun “typing” on the keyboard! Both an application and screen saver version of AlphaBaby are provided.”

And holy crap it’s even available for iPhone and iPad!! I’m serious guys, this is a great tool and we should all chip in and buy this guy something amazing… like a bike, or a dream, a hug from a celebrity, or something.

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Chase April 1, 2011 at 10:20 am

Also, I should note: when we were visiting grandma and grandpa we put this app on their iPad… UNBELIEVABLY AWESOME. Srsly, Aiden just played with it for hours!

Then I got this sh*tty Handy Manny app for kids a little bigger and he always wanted that one open but he would get super bored with it… killing the whole “keep him occupied on the iPad for 20 minutes” thing.

App strategy my friends. App strategy.


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