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Father Apprentice is an online community of new and used dads who want to make the most of fatherhood.

We help dads make sense of their role as dad, husband, lover, man.

We help men become comfortable in their own skin, and then we encourage them to sweat a little harder towards the big stuff — towards patience, enthusiasm, curiosity, creativity, and that big ol’ smile inside.

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Why Father Apprentice Exists

Over the course of a man’s life there are many decisive turns — changes in life where what was is no longer, and what is smells musky and often tingles… like becoming aware of boobs, or having sex for the first time, or your first prostate check.

Fatherhood is no exception; in fact, it’s the biggest turn your life will take. It’s hard enough being a man, and now I’m supposed to be a dad? Now I’m supposed to survive labor and be held responsible for a human!? Isn’t that for grown-ups? For people who are patient and kind and loving and have their sh!t together? And then you survive labor and become a dad.

That’ll change your life, for good.

Now your life has been changed. You’ve survived labor (I mean, seriously, nothing is the same after you survive your first labor, right?), the smell of festering diapers fills your house like friends used to, and you know one thing for certain: At the very least, the best thing I can do with my life is be a great dad.

But being a great dad isn’t easy. You’re a man. You’ve got strengths that hurt those closest to you, wounds you don’t know how to talk about — let alone control — a mind capable of intuiting both ancient wisdom and emotional deceit… and you’re the only dad this kid is ever gonna have.

Why Are you Here?

You’re here because, whether deep down or right up on the surface, you want to be a great dad, you want to fk’n rock at being daddy. You want your kid(s) to grow up knowing they matter, they are loved. You want to see them full of confidence, full of dreams, full of potent hope. You’re in the right place.

Father Apprentice exists because it’s tough for a regular guy to be a good man, and tougher still to be a great dad. You can’t do it alone. Our goal here is to create a community of learning dads, new dads, used dads, experienced dads… swapping stories, sharing tips & tricks, pouring shots of courage for one another…

Because sometimes you just don’t know what to do, and other times you want to punt the kid out’ the window, and then there’s the times where you get it right, and the other times where you’re sleeping on the couch.

You should know: this is not a community of experts. All dads make it up as they go. We’re not coming down the mountain with a handful of commandments here at Father Apprentice. We’re just taking our experiences on the chin and relaying some helpful insights that might make you enjoy being a dad more.

This sh!t ain’t easy. But here you are. So let’s kill at this. Lets sweat towards love, patience, enthusiasm, creativity and that big ol’ smile inside. I hope you find it easy to be a part of this place.

Yours… truly, Chase Reeves

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About Chase Reeves

This place is founded, designed, developed, curated and edited by Chase Reeves, a new dad living in Portland, OR. You can find Chase on Twitter (@chase_reeves) or at his personal blog where nothing much is safe for work: IceToTheBrim.com. You can learn more in this interview with Chase Reeves.