Post-Christmas Toy Bank Dad Hack

Christmas came and went. You might have saved all year for the month of December, but chances are, somewhere in 2010 the bottom fell out of something-somewhere and opened up a worm hole in your bank account and well… Maybe it was a slim year. Maybe not. Regardless, you probably had grandparents, aunts and uncles clawing at your door Christmas day like zombies, dragging a bag of gifts to show your kid(s) the real meaning of Christmas — gettin’ PAID. continue »

Good Enough Is Good. Enough.

I’ve been a father for four years. I have a four year old son and a two year old daughter. Everyone I know that has children has told me, “this age… it’s the hardest time.” I’m still in it so all I know is it’s hard now. Hardest on patience, on time, sleep and most of all on the marriage. And this is where I begin.

Two weeks ago, as of this writing, my divorce was made final. My wife of seven years decided she could no longer do it. Without getting into the details of our breakdown, I’ll just say there wasn’t anything serious or damaging – no infidelity, no abuse, no drug addiction… nothing that dramatic.

Our relationship was just broken. continue »