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There’s a right tool for the job. In “Stuff for Dads” we talk about the best tools for your biggest job.

Rickshaw Skinny Laptop & Backpack Bag Reviews

Ok, I don’t know if I’ve told you this yet, but I love this company. Rickshaw Bags is making some of the best bags around. They also support Father Apprentice by giving our readers a discount. More on that later.

In the video below I show off two new Rickshaw bags — the Skinny Laptop Bag and the Skinny Laptop Backpack. Both are well designed and well made. continue »

Mac App For Toddlers: OMG YES!

Ok, I’m still kind of shaking with delight about this one… This past weekend my just-about-two-year-old son was fuh-reeeeeking out and being quite the horrible-I-dont-want-to-hang-out-with-you kind of person.

Nothing new, really. He’s a toddler, tantrums is what he does. Regardless, though, I was so frustrated; I just wanted to find something he could do, something to keep him occupied. continue »

Rickshaw iPad Bag Review

You may remember our previous Rickshaw Commuter Bag Review… well here’s a brand new bag from the same company, and this one’s made just for the iPad. Be sure to checkout the Rickshaw bag reviews and coupon code page and support the site by using one of the coupon codes when you buy one of these killer bags!

I know a lot of you dads are sporting iPads, and I’ve got half a mind to try it out as a “toy” for my son (and for dad), so I thought this bag might be something cool. This iPad bag is great for toting about your handful of necessities. Watch the vid for more info. continue »

Rickshaw Bag Review – Commuter 2.0

Every dad needs a good bag. I’ve been on the hunt for a great one for a while now, trying bags from Timbuk2, InCase, Nike, and others. I love that style between a Victorinox briefcase and a messenger bag… So when I saw the Rickshaw Commuter Bag I was intrigued… I put it on my list of xmas gifts for dad, no one got it for me, so I took matters into my own hands.

In this video I review the Rickshaw Commuter 2.0 bag. Long story short: it’s great, well constructed, with some really unique features.

Yo! There’s a coupon for Rickshaw Bags below! Be sure to check it out

continue »

Book Review: Manhood For Amateurs

Michael Chabon’s books are just straight up fun to read. I had read The Final Solution (well, audiobook’d it actually) several years ago — it was great.

Then I kept seeing covers of his books in bookstores — they’re intriguing, very cool. continue »

Dadly Christmas Wish List

Dads, we all have big roles to play in life. And one of the biggest is the Christmas morning wrapping paper cleanup job. Just wanted to remind you about that.

I also wanted to ask you about what you’re hoping to unwrap this Christmas: what are you guys asking for!?

Here’s a few things off my list. Please share some of yours in the comments! continue »