Downtime for Dads

Put your feet up. Take the edge off. Have a smoke and a cocktail or just steal away for a few minutes. It’s on the house.

Fatherly love baseball analogy

I don’t remember where I found this originally, but I just found it again cleaning up my computer. Legend.

This is a great video — well made, funny at parts, and even a little matterful.

I resonate with it. Several years back I found a poem/song thing my dad had written when he was dating my mom. It was so weird to think of him as a person, something other than a “dad.”

Interview With A One-Year-Old

During the first couple years of parenting it can be damn near impossible to understand what our kids are thinking, feeling and dealing with. In this video a skilled dad draws out complex emotions and truths about the toddler’s everyday experience. Let me tell you how I feel about this one in a haiku: continue »

Fatherhood Tips From Darth Vader

It’s no secret: being a dad is hard. Even big-time evil leaders like Lord Vader have a hard time.

In this candid and heart-warming video we hear a little about what the dark “man” has learned during his time as a father.

“Despite my mistakes, both my kids turned out great.” continue »

The Baby Bullet

“… oh me? I’m waiting for a special delivery…”

Man, this video is creepy… CREEPY

But, you know, no family’s kitchen is complete without the Baby Bullet. continue »

A Father’s Day Desktop Background

I didn’t know what to do for you lads. It’s father’s day, and I wanted to do something, but I didn’t know what to say to commemorate what you do.

So I made you something. Something you can download and take with you. Something you may wish to print or install on your desktop computing device to remind you of the import, weight, brevity, and gift you have and are. continue »