The First Year of Fatherhood

The most important things to know in the first year of fatherhood.

Kids Don’t Understand Plans

At any given moment there’s a parent somewhere in the world mumbling expletives under his breath because his kid won’t fall asleep.

Two weeks ago I was that parent.

It wasn’t my first time being woken up, and staying up, with my son, but this particular time was more frustrating because my wife and I were on a trip for our five-year anniversary. To make things even worse was that we were staying in an old bed and breakfast, complete with squeaky floors and echoing rooms that probably weren’t approved by the National Baby Screaming Society. So not only were we not getting any sleep, I’m pretty sure the people across the hall from us weren’t getting any sleep either.

Up until that point here’s how our day had been going: continue »

Practicing Availability:

I almost never get embarrassed. I’ll put my foot in my mouth and move on before you can point fingers at something dumb I’ve done or said. It’s just something I’m used to.

However, recently I felt very embarrassed, and it struck me.

I was in my old hometown in the bay area California, getting some drinks with my brother. As drinking nights with brothers tend to go, we got nice and saturated, ready to get into the deepest and most important parts of life. We started talking about him being a new uncle, me being a new dad, the brevity and mystery of life, good friends, etc. And then he kind of dropped a bomb on me. continue »

Tummy Time Tip: Bare Belly It!

Dads with infants, it’s likely you already know about tummy time. However, you may not know this awesome tip that’s sure to make your baby love you more than mom (regardless of breast size).

What’s tummy time? Tummy time is when you allow your infant spend time on their stomach, whether it’s on the floor, in the crib, on mom or dad’s belly, or anywhere else. continue »

How To Be Good Friends To New Parents

I’m writing this little diatribe on behalf of all new parents who don’t want to lose friends. If you’re a friend of someone with kids, and you don’t have kids yourself, below are 5 tips that will make you a kick-butt friend for people with kids. continue »

The Dad Consequence, or Meat Turrets For A Better Tomorrow

[This was written about a year ago about my then 1 year old son]

He’s looking up at me… Holy shit, man. Here’s this little boy, this son of mine, pulling himself up on a pile of dishes in the kitchen to show me how he can stand. And it really seems like he’s looking up at me with a “hey dad, are you looking at this” kind of look. continue »

Dads Dress Kids Better Than Moms

Mom’s are always going to try to own the “child dressing skills” and claim that you are making all sorts of horrible errors when you dress your child, but this is just their way of coping with raging envy.

Here’s your big advantage in this area: you don’t care about it the same way mom cares about it. She’s passionate about dolling the kid up and prattling it around with shoes that match the hat & gloves, and knickers that match the season, but you don’t give a damn about what your kid looks like, and that’s what makes you an artist in the nursery. continue »