A Dad’s Guide to Infants & Labor

Labor, man. WTF? There’s things you can’t say, and then there’s things that go unsaid. Understand what you can about labor and the first months of fatherhood before you enter the danger zone.

Labor Tip: Birth Plan & Forum Ribbin’

Looking back on the birth, I wish I would have spent some more time understanding my wife’s birth plan.

If you’re unfamiliar, a birth plan is what you write up to let your doctors know how you want to deliver the baby. Things like: do you want to deliver through your woo-woo, or do you want to have a c-section? Do you want any anesthetic, or does screaming in tongues sound like a good time to you?

These are a couple of the bigger questions, but the birth plan can get very detailed depending on how strongly you and yours feel about this stuff. continue »

Baby’s First Grumpy Rumbler

Like any man being thrown into the unknown world of madness that is parenthood, I received tons of advice from others:

  • “Always hold baby’s head.”
  • “Make sure you stay the husband you were before the baby came.”
  • “Keep the baby so warm that he is constantly sweating.”
  • “No sex for at least 6 weeks.” continue »
Dave’s Labor Advice And Sundries

A while back my buddy Dave Groom helped me learn how to make an old fashioned cocktail. Well, he’s back and today he tells us about his labor story.

In this video we get into:

  • What were you most afraid of going into labor?
  • What was labor actually like for you?
  • What advice do you have for expectant fathers worried about labor?
  • What’s the longest sh!t Chase has ever shat? continue »
Home Birth, Breech Babies & Bear

My buddy Chasen (who also goes by Chase) is a brand new dad, and they had a surprising labor story. In this video we hear about how his little guy was breech, how they had to change from a home-birth birthplan to a hospital c-section, and how to squirt a little blood on your woman’s face… her own blood.

I let this video go a bit long because it’s really a great story. Enjoy! And let us know your breech and/or home-birth and/or bloody wife face story, tip or trick in the comments! continue »

3 Tips To Survive Labor

So, I’m not completely ready to talk about labor yet — we didn’t have an easy go of it… not that anyone ever has an easy go of labor! But it feels like we’ve got to say something about labor, because it’s a scary thing for a dad.

So in the video below are 3 tips to surviving labor, hand-picked by yours truly to help you be totally awesome at birth. continue »