Father To Be Resources

Welcome to the Father Apprentice Father To Be resource kit. Below you’ll find articles tuned to help you make the most of the first months of fatherhood.

I made my first 6 months of fatherhood a lot harder than they needed to be — it almost cost me my marriage. That’s why I put together this content.

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Father to be resources

I, like most of us, was in over my head when I heard I was a dad to be. Soon enough I was feeling the weight of my new responsibility. This was a hard feeling to cope with, but it taught me something important.

Money’s tight for all of us these days. Here’s the only money insight you need to make the most of early fatherhood.

In this video post I interview a close friend about what his life looks like at the 3 month mark. He’s got some great insight and tips in this short vid.

In this guest post by Nick Maestas we hear the story of how one man overcame fear, uncertainty and doubt to defeat the first diaper change and wear the honorable Helpful Changer™ badge.

Let me put it this way: ignore this advice at your own peril. I mean it, pay attention.

This one my wife taught me and it made such a difference I went beyond the call of duty to share it with every dad I know. Complete with illustrations!

There’s only one way to salvage the situation when your baby wakes up in the middle of the night screamin’ bloody murder…

This is an awesome bonding tip taught to me by a mysterious Native American. When you read it you’ll understand why it’s not all that weird that he was shirtless and asked me to snuggle.

And finally, two posts to help us harness some of the biggest thoughts our little frames are capable of. One is funly serious, the other seriously fun.