Rickshaw Bags Reviews and Coupon Code

Rickshaw Bags Review & Coupon Code for Laptop and Messenger Every dad needs a good bag. I’ve tried too many bags to recount before landing on a company I really love. Rickshaw Bags, based out of San Francisco, is making my favorite bags ever — I think you’re going to like this stuff.

Below you’ll find a couple reviews of Rickshaw’s bags as well as a promo code to get yourself a discount!

Rickshaw Coupon Code

The guys at Rickshaw are fk’n awesome and they’re hooking us up. Here’s the deal for Father Apprentice readers:

Rickshaw Bags Coupon For Father Apprentice Readers!

Use the code BestBagEver to get 10% off your order!

Use their Bag Customizer to design the bag of your dreams. Do it!

Rickshaw Skinny Laptop & Skinny Backpack Review

Rickshaw’s Skinny Commuter Laptop Bag and Skinny Backpack are excellent bags. They’re more streamline than the larger versions, and the backpack is ready for full-on combat mode. Watch this to understand what I mean.

Rickshaw Commuter 2.0 Laptop Bag Review

The Rickshaw Commuter 2.0 Laptop Bag is the first bag I purchased. I love this bag. Big enough for my computer, books and a handful of diapers and wet wipes.

Rickshaw iPad Bag Review

If you’ve got an iPad you know how killer some of those Sesame Street games are, how they keep the kid occupied whilst also making a parent believe the kid’s learning something. This is the best bag I’ve seen for toting around the iPad and a handful of other stuff. Think park trips, play dates, etc. Perfect bag for that.

In Conclusion

Be sure to use the coupon code above when you checkout at Rickshaw. You’ll get 10% off, I’ll get a couple shekels to help support my kid’s lactose intolerance (hemp milk? are you kidding me??).

I’d like to give a hearty thanks to Rickshaw Bags for supporting us at Father Apprentice. I’ve talked to these guys, they’re great. They believe in our mission here to help dads sweat a little harder towards the big stuff.