The Ultimate Swaddle!

best tips for swaddling baby

The very first thing you need to know how to do as a dad is swaddle. You want to have swagger in your swaddle.

You want to walk into any un-swaddled situation with the confidence and grit to know exactly what to do.

My story: I learned this stuff early on. It was basically the only thing I could do with myself as a dad in those early weeks, so I took it seriously and learned what I needed to. And I’m so glad I did. It gave me HUGE confidence; I knew I could walk into the room with the screaming baby, wrap, shush, and walk out leaving nothing in my wake but a sleeping infant!

Did you know: The screams of an infant are soul-piercing — they actually kill you… a little at a time… science proved it. So you have to know how to make that baby comfortable and put it down to sleep.

The One Thing You Need

You only need one thing to teach you the absolute best tricks for those first months of baby-having. You don’t even have to read anything… You get to watch it!

It’s a DVD called Happiest Baby On The Block and it will hands-down, 100% be the best damn way to learn the swaddle and shushing tricks. Srsly, spend 38 minutes watching the instructional part and learn:

  • How to swaddle like a pro
  • The secret of the “shush”
  • The reason why this stuff works
  • How to hold your baby like a linebacker
  • And some other tips and tricks that families find helpful

SRSLY! Get This DVD!

I wish I could just give you all the tips and secrets in this DVD, but I don’t want to steal his content and get sued etc. I watched this once – one time – and learned some seriously amazing tricks, simple tricks, but effective… and they saved my a$$!

Go Get The DVD →

Photo Credit: J. Star